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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

It’s About More Than Fashion…

It isn’t enough for us to just creating & selling products.  We’re here to do things differently. We believe  beautiful, quality, consciously made products should be accessible to everyone. And we’re determined to leave everything we touch better.

We Can All Win

If you’re fueled by integrity, love and a true desire to create goodness, you’ll find a win-win in any situation.


A business is an opportunity to have a positive impact.


The more success our business has, the more responsibility we have to use our influence for doing good. 


Without greed, there’s enough for everyone.  Together we are stronger and can create more and better things to share.  

“If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.”___ Jim Ron, Author & Motivational Speaker

We Design, Create Product You Can Wear With Pride With each design, each product, as with our brand as a whole, we consider how it affects everything it touches and believe we should always leave a positive impact. We value integrity for how product is made and business is run. We're thoughtful about every detail of what we do, from how our team experiences our culture to how our customers experience our designs. Threaded into every aspect of our business and process is a focus on experience and honoring our commitment to quality design, ethical practices and conscious production. So wear your VANGOBEAUTY piece with pride. It has a beautiful soul.